With fraudulently installed Dictator President Edgar Chagwa Lungu now bed ridden in Mina Soko Milutary Hospital, why is shooter of citizens, and now MoD, Davis Chama chairing cabinet? Davis Chama this morning took the leading chair in chairing the Cabinet meeting. It’s also amazing to note that, Kaiser Zulu and Kampyongo are now seeking to get HH arrested again in Southern Province

Who really is in charge of this Zambian government now? The Zambian constitution states that once the president is incapacitated or takes leave due to circumstancesthat cannot allow him to function as head of state fully, the Vice President shall take over the instruments of power, and in this case Madam Inonge Wina should take over as HoS. Ideally Inonge Wina should now ascend to the helm of the Zambian government.

Our beautiful country Zambia again stands at crossroads as regards it’s leadership.

HH & GBM said that ECL was not well, way way prior to the past elections. This is now being cemented by ECLs unwellness was and shuffling between statehouse and Mina soko military hospital.

The most recent pictures of Lungu flying around do not send a comforting situation as regards the health of the ECL.  Even Zambia Dead National Broadcasting Confusion has stopped the continuous conferring of President Lungu this and president Lungu that and President Lungu where and President Lungu now and president Lungu how why what and when?

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The PF government is determined to grind the Zambian economy to a halt. By adjusting the pump price for Diesel Fuel, being one of the primary inputs to commercial farming, the PF is basically increasing the cost of basic agricultural food stuffs. This shall further batter down the already bleeding economy.

When the PF came into power in 2011, the pump price for diesel fuel was at K6.9 per litre. The first diesel fuel pump price adjustment took it to K8.59 within three months of PF rule.

This initial adjustment was one of the direct lies by the PF while opposing itself on the “PF and ‘More Money in your pocket'”. A clear “chimbwi no plan”.

Now PF, after stealing the previous election, and fraudulently announcing Lungu as President, has increased the diesel fuel pump price by a further 32.7% to K 11.40.

Therefore, in the five years of PF rule, the Government has increased diesel fuel pump price from K6.9 to K11.40 i.e. by 65.22%. These are the highest fuel pump prices ever experienced in Zambia in two phases.

The Zambian economy shall drastically deteriorate with the cost of living skyrocketing upwards with no consideration whatsoever on the majority poor Zambians. That’s PF for you and Zambia. Cry mother Zambia.

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In total desperation, the PF have realized that the UPND gallants, HH & GBM are too clean and way too high to be easily destructed from their determined goal to get back their stolen vote in the past general election. Because of this, the dual’s political status has continued to gain positive international attention and concern. This is unsettling for the PF, both at home and internationally. Several efforts have been made to try and drag down HH & GBM to the PF level of thuggery kind of politics, but alas this has not yielded a favorable outcome for the PF.

Emanating from several Local Government and MP petitions ongoing, the PF is being proven to have indeed rigged the elections and abused the government machinery to do so. Efforts to drug down both HH & GBM has taken many twists and turns. One of the paths being pursued now, is to get a treason charge for both of them and have them locked up for a very long time.

Reliable sources from the inner circle of the PF evil planning  team, indicate that possibility of using the now PF security wings to further arm some thugs to cause chaos in the nation, then associate the caused chaos with UPND gallants, HH and GBM. When these thugs get arrested, they will then implicate HH and GBM. Based on that chaos, get HH and GBM arrested and charge them with treason.

Upon arrest, the paid up corrupted clergy, judiciary and NGOs will then be unleashed for propaganda and seeming clean judiciary through the PF media as has been going on. The state owned media houses shall continue to drum up and propagate the treason lies-case and build on it to get more PF sympathy from the Zambian citizens.

This is a scheme PF is pursuing in the quest to cage the two UPND leaders in the hope that most Zambians shall lose hope and let go of the stolen vote fight. The PF is desperate in trying to legitimize its hold onto the stolen election and an outright coup of the Zambian government. As unfair and and as inhuman as it is, the few people leading in these scandalous plans seem to be determined to the bitter end without shame. What a ploy. How can our nation sink so low. How can men and women of God be trashed up in such a mess so as to further deprive this beautiful Zambian nation.




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Can the ConCourt Judges Attain this SCORE?

Zambia’s leadership still hangs in the balance three weeks on after the heavily and tightly contested general elections. The Zambians entrusted ECZ under the PF government to manage the 2016 general election which is a Zambian democratic process where ONLY citizens, are  allowed to choose their leaders for a term of five years.

Alas, the ECZ under the leadership of Priscilla Isaacs, lamentably failed to manage this straight forward task. Priscilla Isaacs,  instead entangled herself with unprecedented corrupt acts making the entire election incredibly a mere sham, shamble and not credible at all. In addition to the presidential petition, 70 parliamentary seats have also been petitioned. This is the most widely petitioned election in the young democracy of Zambia.

It is also a clear, indicator from the many petitions, that most of the contestants have not found fairness in the manner Priscilla ran the elections. The entire election was poorly managed and not acceptable to many contestants.  From basic requirement, like lack of essential election stationery materials, which are mandatory to record elections results and inventory, polling stations being overrun by PF thugs, endorsing elections essential forms away from polling stations contrary to the elections conduct, literally throwing away of cast ballots in dust bins like was for Kanyama, changing figures sent from polling stations like was for Kanyama and Lundazi, involvement of NON-ECZ staff such as Kaiser Zulu, Ugandan foreigners and Mumbi Phiri in collecting ECZ Gen 12s and Form 19s MATERIALS from the airports, the long list goes on.

Amazingly despite all these glaring irregularities Priscilla Isaacs adamantly believes she’s a God sent saint to save Zambians. Her Zimbabwean origin does not help much either. To many true Zambians, even the Devils’ Angels would have stepped down when caught in the act like this. Priscilla and her ECZ staff must just quit and declare their incompetence save Zambia.

Now come the ConCourt judges, with full knowledge of the presidential petition and the volume of evidence filed in, they kept adjourning the court sitting until the last constitutional day of the petition and wanted to sneak in a quick fix trial and judgement. To provide a two hours only for such voluminous evidence to be heard is not only insane but altogether a mockery to the petitioners and indeed the Zambians and their democracy. The ConCourt judges looked gravely unserious over this matter of such paramount importance to Zambia. It’s a questionable position as regards their integrity, to attempt and handle this key matter in such a shabby and unacceptable manner. Questions as to whether they were bribed or threatened by the obviously punicking PF team started to sterm up. One judge specifically whose husband has been sighted to be one of the greater beneficiaries from the roads contracts stood out. She must recuse herself for her own self preservation.

Zambia needs to chart its own future with a clean projection in politics. The Armed Forces deserve to be applauded as they have securely watched so far. It’s not a fallacy that they have restrained themselves over the “bull**t” which is on going.

It’s indeed a sad realization that 50 years on we have no Lawyers worth managing a process of such importance. Zambia needs redemption. Can the 50 years of independence be tragically just squashed away to benefit a few greedy and uncaring individuals?

In this Christian nation, zambia needs men/women who are strong and truthful. …”The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call wrong by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. – {Ellen G White,Ed57.3} But such a character is not the result of accident; it is not due to special favours or endowments of Providence. ”

The world watches on, the ConCourt judges using the new constitution and the judiciary at large are all under intense pressure. To prove not only to themselves, but also to the world that their allegiance is to Zambia and not a small group of selfish criminals who really do not care about that greater good for Zambia.

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Zambia does not need the ECZ servers. The complete elections process cycle in the country is totally manual and does not need some rigging end point data entry centre which has no assured security. The ECZ servers have proved to be just some rigging equipment.  The ECZ servers have proved to be insecure and are easily corruptly accessible as proven at Mulungushi recently.

Through the Director Priscilla Isaacs and her IT Manager Kasaro while acting together allowed access to non ECZ employees to the servers. Based on this alone Priscilla Isaacs must have resigned.

It’s amazing how all cast ballot papers can be properly counted manually, throughout the country and the counted numbers to be manually entered into the ECZ servers, like the servers are specifically for rigging. It seems the ECZ servers are only used to manipulate the vote counts.

It’s a great shame and makes the entire election process a sham to have all ballot papers counted and tallied manually throughout the country only to be deliberately altered and confused while resident on the ECZ servers.

The ECZ servers can be done away with as they only serve as a Rigging Centre. Some more developed countries like Australia do not even have such. Zambians must count and add their votes, once in every five years, manually with available technology of computers and make the results credible.

The Zambians must call for the disbanding of the ECZ servers and credibly so, also dispose of Pricilla Isaacs who has become an elections manipulation monster and totally compromised with her rigging team. This team portrays a poor face for Zambians. It’s like we all Zambians cannot count in this country.

The voter registration exercise for Zambians can be done differently. The corrupted servers at ECZ are both polluted and are easily accessible by election rigger-thieves at will with aid of untrustworthy officials. This puts the entire country at risk. JUST Disband the ECZ servers for all future elections including reruns.

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In what looks like a clear case of desperation, The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) in conjunction with Office of the President (OP) Special Division is holding selected Presiding & Returning Officers from across the country to be used as ECZ witnesses in the ongoing Presidential Petition against their will at various secret locations (Hotels) in Lusaka.

This morning, 31st August 2016, there was a meeting at Golden Peacock Hotel chaired by a Mr. Chellah who identified himself as ECZ Deputy Chairperson, revealed an OP operative close to the Operation.

The Agent who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the selected Presiding and Returning Officers were already gathered at Golden Peacock hotel and that the purpose of the meeting was to persuade the POs and ROs to change their earlier statements and drill them on what to say following the Constitutional Court’s setting of Friday, 2nd September 2016 as the day for commencement of trial.

In a video availed to us, the visibly scared POs and ROs raised concerns about their own safety and security to the ECZ deputy Chair who assured them that the best plain clothes security (op) has been arranged.

The Electoral Officers were concerned with the reported suspicious suicide of one RO and others who have reportedly disappeared mysteriously and brought the concern to the ecz deputy chair who bluntly just encouraged everyone to cooperate with the operation.

This prompted the OP officers to order them not to communicate with anyone using SMS or phone calls but inform their next of kin using WhatsApp that they were safe. The Operatives assured the POs and ROs that WhatsApp was secure with end to end encryption.

The Electoral Officers were later shipped to a Secure House within Lusaka where they will be held hostage and told what to say in court until they appear (in court).

It was further revealed in the meeting that ECZ was on course in their negotiations with certain NGOs to testify in favor of ECZ citing the contemptuous backing of the Commission by some named NGOs via ZNBC and the recent suspension of FODEP President as testimony of their work.

The panic levels among top ranking government officials and ECZ are very high resulting in this harshly hatched Operation which breaches the normal secure procedures of such a highly sensitive Operation.

Other than the comfort of staying in luxurious places, the good food and beer they are taking and the promise of security, non of the POs and ROs has a full idea of the total reward for their being coerced accomplices to this state criminality.

A team of top interrogation specialists and psychologists has been assembled to cross examine (kind of examination in chief) the Electoral Officers who are ready to give false testimony under oath with the view of exposing them.

The Constitutional Court Judges are working under extreme pressure as they realize that this test they have been subjected to is of global character and their verdict will set a landmark precedence not only to Africa but to the world as a whole

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This lawyer, Eric Silwamba has all of a sadden resurfaced onto the legal frontier in the political limelight. This is the man who did more harm than good in managing Chiluba era looting  of the treasury. Still an stealth Eric remained under the radar in real time to ensure that attention was not paid to his issues succeeding Chiluba’s indabas. Today Eric stands up in support of yet another lot rot of looters of the national treasury.

It is not an academic exercise in law, the situation at hand in the country is a case of life and death. Many a Zambian hope that the ConCourt shall prevail above board and offer the Zambians the real result of the past general election and not some stolen sham of an election result.

It is sad to note and with caution that the lawyer, Eric Silwamba has stood up again against the people of Zambia is supporting the poor failed and incomprehensibly incompetent PF government whose trade marks speak loudly from their last year of performance. The looting of the national treasury as expressed in sudden Millionaires in dollars among the PF Click like, Amos Chanda, Kaiser Zulu, Davis Chama, Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili, Yamfwa Mukanga, Dora Siliya (again after MMD scandals) Christopher Yaluma to mention but a few. Today these people stand too tall to be touched as they all have amassed colossal sums of monies while in office. Its amazing how some of them stayed at parliament Motel without a house in Lusaka and today they boast of millions of dollars and several houses of high cost in Lusaka and Copperbelt.

No wonder Lungu stood confident on the illegal ministers matter, by hindsight review now, it maybe that he listened to such renowned lawyers who certainly misled him. As to whether Eric stood in the advisory line is yet to be investigated. But to see his name listed among the defenders of looters is not only disappointing but a clear indication that he may be sitting on the consideration line to partake of the looted funds.


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